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Big Bang London 2012 Ticket Nightmare!

Ok, so as mentioned previously Big Bang are coming to London in December. WHOOPEEEE!

And that's where my excitement ends frankly till the actual concert because simply the amount of stress this has given me is ridiculous. So there were like 3 different pre-sale tickets for Saturday 15th December and I was panicking because I knew tons of people would get tickets then. I know the companies limit how many presale tickets are given out but here's the thing it should be easier battling the lucky few getting pre-sale access than the general access when I wouldn't be surprised if the whole of Europe was fighting for it!

I actually managed to get pre-sale access for the live nation tickets. Sounds great right? NOT! I woke up super early made sure that I had my laptop and smartphone ready on the website and I was pressing refresh for like 5 mins before 9am just so when it hit 9am I would get the tickets. I swear it wasn't even 9am when the site crashed and my nightmare began...for ages I couldn't access the buy tickets bit and then when I finally could...the thing was "processing for" about an hour and when it finally finished I was so happy but then there were no tickets available. Apparently tickets were going to be released throughout the day and I tried and on my phone I managed to get one at a weird time of day but then when I tried to confirm it had an error. I kept checking back but I had no luck.

Suddenly, I got a message from LiveNation saying a second date had been announced. It's funny I got the alert because of a subscription and that was by accident! Normally I never subscribe to these things! So of course I tried to get a ticket again but the website was crazy and it took over an hour to buy it! Plus I was checking on my phone and my battery was dying...I was just hoping that it stayed on while I checked out.

So I have a ticket which is great! Just a shame my friends are going the next day so I will be on my own T__T

Anyone else going SOLO?

SMTOWN I AM London Screening Got Sold Out!

So as mentioned in my previous entry, The Korean Film Festival is showing 'I AM' at the ICA in London on Wednesday 8th October. 

I am really happy to say that it got sold out and can't believe it happened in about 1 and half days! It could have been potentially less but I didn't check the site for ticket availability throughout the day. Even though it's only 185 tickets it is still brilliant news because it was hardly publicised and it will do wonders for the Hallyu Wave. I know some K-Pop Fan Committees are organising events prior to the I Am showcase.

I really can't wait! It'll be fantastic to see other SME fans there and to watch my biases on the big screen!
Yes guys! It has finally happened! YG have announced officially that Big Bang are coming to London to perform at Wembley Arena! So check your calendars and keep Saturday 15th December free! 

Tickets will go on sale on Friday 26th October but prices are yet to be confirmed. It is rumoured, key word rumoured here, that VIP tickets will cost around £200! D: However keep in mind that Wembley Arena is a massive stadium and can hold 12,500 people so prices will be staggered according to seat location! There will probably be tickets for around £50 but lets hope it is cheaper!

On Friday tickets can be bought on TICKETMASTER or LIVENATION but more information on the concert will be available on the event page linked below. I would recommend keeping track of it as they will probably say the ticket prices there.


So how do I feel about this? Well it's strange I know everyone has been DYING for Big Bang to come to London for ages but now that it has been officially announced I am sensing a bit of dread not only from me but from other fans. Here is why:

1) There's only 7 weeks to the concert but only 5 days to ticket sales and you know fans will be anxious to get tickets asap so you need to view it with the idea that'll it'll get sold out on the day. 5 days is not enough time to save up money for the concert.

2) The concert is held in December 10 days from Christmas. London is expensive around that time than say February so European fans outside of London have to fork out peak price travel and accommodation and lets face it who has that kind of money lying around.

3) Another thing is people are still at University and school at that time. I know the show is on a weekend but for a lot of University students term ends that week or even the week after and may not be able to travel to London because they have to take all their stuff home. 

4) Because of the above reasons and more the concert might not actually sell out which looks bad for other companies like SME who are thinking of doing an SMTOWN concert for instance. 

Well anywho I hope I can gather the money for this and it won't cost an arm and leg! If you read this please comment on how you feel ^^
For those of you who don't know, there is going to be a London (UK) Korean Film Festival between November 1st - November 16th 2012. There will be a great range of films being shown at various acclaimed cinemas such as the ICA and BFI. The showings at the cinemas will cost you and tickets have to be bought in advance. However, The Korean Cultural Centre will also be playing host and all the films shown there will be FREE! Just make sure you book your place so you're not disappointed on the day.

You can find the schedule here http://www.koreanfilm.co.uk/london-korean-film-festival-schedule-2012

AND YES!!!! As the title says there will be an airing of SMTOWN 'I AM' at the ICA on Wednesday 7th November at 8:10pm! The tickets are going fast as that cinema screen only holds 185 people! Tickets cost £10 + booking fee (£1) so not too bad! 

You can book your tickets below! 


ALSO, Lee Byung Hun Will be coming to the Korean Film Festival. 

Please see further details at this article http://kpopconcerts.com/kpop-events/lee-byung-hun-arrives-in-london/

I created an LJ and doomed myself!

First post in LJ!

At the moment I haven't decided what this is LJ is going to be about so it could end up being a rant place where I can pretend people are reading or it might be a place where I post fanfics...hmm maybe I should do that....it could be anything I tell ya! 

So for a long long time now I have avoided created an LJ, a twitter and a tumblr account! All of which can be found under rezzypenguin! To be honest I didn't put much thought into the name but once it came up I just thought it'd be easier to use everywhere! So I have been really good then a few months ago well over summer I just let loose and created a twitter and tumblr and man I talk a lot on there! I have avoided it for so long because I didn't want any of this to distract me from studying and stuff and really I was fine being a lurker! 

I am a master at lurking..until now! You see I used to lurk on the Evil Empire but then I joined and what do you know I became a moderator and made some of the greatest friends in the world! Unfortunately the site has shut down but good times. However, because of that beloved forum I know how much time being a member and a real part of the community can take up! I am not in my final year at Queen Mary University in London and I want to get a 1st or a 2:1 and I dunno how but I scraped through my first two years! To get the grades I have to work really hard this year...yet what do I do...create a twitter and tumblr...and now an LJ!

So what compelled me to even create an LJ? Well I was on Omona reading about how DBSK's comeback concert sold out in 3 minutes and I tend to read comments as a lurker and discovered that people were talking about London...to be honest it's not the first time I wanted to participate but something about DBSK just knocked me over and made me want to create and LJ!

So here I am with an LJ I don't know what to do with! xD

Right now Margaret's famous line from Boardwalk Empire comes to mind " IS THIS TO BE OUR LIFE?!"



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