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Adventures of the Lazy Yet Curious

Be Warned! Winter is Coming.

10 December
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Yello! So I'm a female Computer Science Student from London, UK and I like Penguins. I have stuffed penguin called Pen Pen! Kudos to any anime/manga lover who can say where the name is from!

So I have a lot of varied interests so chances are I will find at least one thing in common with most people! I love trying out new things and grabbing hold of opportunities so I'll try most things at least once!

I follow various fandoms from K-pop to Sci-Fi to food! Right now I listen to mostly K-pop and I mostly stan SM Entertainment groups BUT I do listen to music from YG and Cube and other companies! My biases right now are Onew, Siwon (DON'T JUDGE ME), Taeyeon, Kris, Amber, Yonghwa and every idol out ther! JK! I love J-pop and Western music too! To be honest I listen to most genres like classical, pop and rock but I prefer the older 80s and 90s stuff than the modern stuff. Though I'll admit the One Direction song is catchy! xDD

I love watching films from your depressing ones about the holocaust like The Pianist to serious action ones like the Avengers to fun romcoms like 27 Dresses. I'm pretty easy to please! xD The same goes for books and well most things. I love reading teen fiction even though I'm not one anymore...sadness because it's well fun! It's nothing to do with ability...I was reading classics when like 10 so yeah let me read my teen fiction! xD

Talking of books I love manga and it's probs what brought me into fandom anyway! I actually used to be a moderator of a massive forum called the Evil Empire and was known as SilentNight! Any minion feel free to drop me a line! xD

Oh though STARGATE UNIVERSE! I am in love with it and am still holding a grudge for it being cancelled! My heart bleeds! >.>

Oh I like gaming though I'm lazy so I stick to short games like Plants Vs. Zombies, Monday Night Combat, Tekken BUT when I have time I do enjoy story modes of say Spyro (the good old days!), Final Fantasy, Pokemon Red and a bunch of others hidden in my STEAM library!

Ok I can probs yack on for ages but I'll stop now and perhaps add more later!

Feel free to contact me and what not! ^__^

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